AnARcHy 101 Grudgingly Embraces Digital Age

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new_jan2001_vhscLOS ANGELES — AnARcHy 101 Productions is currently pricing high-tech “camcorders” for its triumphant return to instant filmmaking in 2001. “I’ve just returned from Circuit City, and I’ve seen the future of cinema,” says writer / tech-guru Brian O’Malley. “And it’s name is VHS-C.” The video format, which made it’s debut in the early 1980’s, is being whole-heartedly embraced by O’Malley and crew, who cite it as the independent filmmaker’s answer to the high cost of shooting movies on film. Says O’Malley: “It’s got all the quality of VHS, but packed into a tiny ‘microcassette,’ if you will. And the camera is totally portable. It’s all one unit. Let me say it first: the days of toting a VCR on a shoulder strap are officially over.”

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