Audie and The Wolf: almost done

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Audie and The Wolf, the feature I wrote, directed, edited, and produced with Brooklyn Reptyle Films, and have been working on all year, is almost done with post-production. Smart Post Sound in Burbank is handling the entire sound package, from sound design to ADR to foley to mix. Composer Karl Preusser had a bit of a setback when his mixing engineer was hospitalized briefly, but the engineer has recovered and is finishing up the mixes this week. Devon Read continues to crank out CG and compositing shots – the details of which I’ll keep under wraps for now – and we’re close to locking down a colorist for the final colour correction the film’s gonna need. Just a few more weeks and Audie and The Wolf is flatass finished, fucko.

A wolf turns into a savage, bloodthirsty man and goes on a killing rampage in a Hollywood starlet’s mansion. A new horror-comedy from filmmaker B. Scott O’Malley and Brooklyn Reptyle Films in the spirit of Shaun of The Dead and An American Werewolf in London.

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