Boppin' At The Glue Factory

Boppin’ At The Glue Factory (2005)

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Boppin' At The Glue FactoryI co-wrote and produced this feature, about a junkie nurse at an old folks home, starting in 2000 when I teamed up with Jeff Orgill to help finish the script which he’d started with Hector Maldonado several years previous.

The film was the result of just saying “Fuck it, let’s go!” after years of hemming and hawing about name actors this, million dollar budget that, etc.

We shot at an abandoned mental hospital in Norwalk that had been the location for many Hollywood films. The film came within an inch of shut-down nearly every single day we were shooting, and, despite Orgill’s good-natured approach to filmmaking, was often rife with petty bullshit and drama, from jockeying jackoff grips on the crew whose egos outsized their abilities, to knuckledragger know-nothing art department people being promoted to producer for god-knows-why.

Of course, that’s not to say that the film didn’t have its share of awesome people aboard. From Geoff Chang, veteran AC who came aboard for a few days gratis in order to train up a number of our greenhorns, to the stellar soundguy Tom Curley, to whip-smart, intuitive production assistants like Ryan Jordan, and grips like the ever-handy Kevin “Penn” Williams.  It was folks like these who made the shoot fun, despite the pinheads.

As an optimist and the kind of guy who wants to hear many opinions before he finalizes a cut, Orgill spent, in my opinion, way too much time listening to folks who had suggestions on his or Editor Chris Miglio’s rough cuts.  One of Jeff’s biggest assets is his “big-tent” mentality, which is to say, he likes to get notes from whomever he can, because he’s of the opinion that “Hey, good ideas can come from anywhere.”  Unfortunately, in doing so with Boppin’, he often wasted a lot of time taking notes peeps who had no bidness givin’ notes.

But despite a few initial delays in post, Orgill set aside the notes and the committees and made the film he wanted to make, and now it’s finally found its way to several great film festivals and other outlets.

The final result?  In my opinion?  A really solid, fun little indie feature which I’m hella proud of co-writing and producing.

More information and even the film itself can be found at the film’s website.

Director Jeff Orgill
Screenplay by Jeff Orgill and B. O’Malley
Producer B. O’Malley

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