Gary Coleman to Direct Next Scorcese Picture

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Gary Coleman, the diminutive ne’er-do-well child star of the television sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, has been hand picked by Martin Scorcese to helm Scorcese’s next picture, Albatross Junction, according to sources at the Hollywood Reporter. Coleman, 30, was most recently in the news in late August, when he pleaded not guilty to assault and battery charges for allegedly punching an autograph-seeking …

Francis Ford Copolla Running for President

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SAN FRANCISCO — (AP) There’s something brewing on director Francis Ford Coppola’s Northern California vintery/chateau/filmmaking hideaway, and it’s more than the wine. This afternoon, the acclaimed director, perhaps known best for The Godfather films and the Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now, and head of American Zoetrope (the indie before indies were chic), announced he’s throwing his mogul hat into what could …

Spielberg Issues 10 Cinema Commandments to George Lucas

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WESTWOOD — Director Steven Spielberg announced a new set of filmmaking standards to an enthusiastic mix of Hollywood insiders and journalists at a late morning, last minute press extravaganza at the Bruin Theater, catching many of the industry’s media elite off guard. The veteran director dropped what some are calling a “new Magna Carta” at the feet of the Hollywood …

Lucas Announces STAR WARS Episode 2

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When asked about the return of droopy-eared alien from THE PHANTOM MENACE, Lucas looked uncomfortable. “I like French toast,” he replied, “but does that make me French?” and then began staring up at the ceiling.

B. O’Malley’s Oscar Picks 1999

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Best Director, Using Index Cards and Picnic Baskets Daniel Myrick and Ed Sanchez, The Blair Witch Project Best Picture, Kevin Smith’s Mind Dogma Best Sentimental Performance, Non-Robin-Williams John Ratzenberger as Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story 2 Best Reason to Mispronounce “Jan de Bont.” The Haunting Outstanding Performance by a Cocker Spaniel Julia Roberts, Runaway Bride Outstanding Performance by a Bitchy …

B. O’Malley’s Oscar Picks 1998

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Best Movie About Water Halloween: H20 Wisest Use of Leonardo DiCaprio The Man In The Iron Mask Best Movie Having to Do With Circular Things tie: Sphere and Rounders Honorary “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” Award Dee Snider’s Strangeland Best Asian Transvestite Exploitation Film Mulan Best Picture With A Number in the Title That’s Between 1,999 and 2,003 Blues Brothers …