Audie & The Wolf CineQuest Festival Screening Dates

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Audie’s been selected to play the 19th Annual Cinequest Film Festival as part of the New Visions Competition, where it will be eligible for the New Visions Award and the Audience Award. Our screening dates are: SAT, 2/28 – MIDNIGHT (Camera 12 Cinemas) TUES, 3/3 – 9:30PM (San Jose Rep Theatre) See you in San Jose! B.

Audie and The Wolf: almost done

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Audie and The Wolf, the feature I wrote, directed, edited, and produced with Brooklyn Reptyle Films, and have been working on all year, is almost done with post-production. Smart Post Sound in Burbank is handling the entire sound package, from sound design to ADR to foley to mix. Composer Karl Preusser had a bit of a setback when his mixing …

Boppin' At The Glue Factory

Boppin’ At The Glue Factory (2005)

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I co-wrote and produced this feature, about a junkie nurse at an old folks home, starting in 2000 when I teamed up with Jeff Orgill to help finish the script which he’d started with Hector Maldonado several years previous. The film was the result of just saying “Fuck it, let’s go!” after years of hemming and hawing about name actors …

Bleak Future (1997)

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It’s man vs. mutant as a traveling salesman of relics and vocabulary teams up with a tongueless warrior and a blonde bimbo to cross the nuclear wasteland in search of a legendary place called rumored to hold the power to enlighten the world… or destroy what’s left of it.