B. O’Malley’s Oscar Picks 1996

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omalley_picks_the_oscars_1996Most Fart Noises Made While Watching It
The English Patient

Best Restored Jabba The Hutt Scene
The People Vs. Larry Flynt

Best Actor in Yet Another Retarded or Handicapped Role
Geoffrey Rush, Shine

Deadest David Lynch Actor
Jack Nance

Gay Peoples’ Choice Award
Batman and Robin

Picture That Harmed Race Relations the Most
Them Filthy, Filthy Asian Folks

Best Film About a Crippled Pornographer
Secrets and Lies

Best Star Wars Taco Bell Kids Meal Toy
“Balancing Boba Fett”

Best Reason For Napalming Hollywood

Best Fat Person Makeup Effects
George Lucas, LA Times interview

Best Supporting Dog
Dalmation #45, 101 Dalmations

Least Media Attention
Benson: The Motion Picture

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