B. O’Malley’s Oscar Picks 1997

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Best Actor
Martin Sheen, Spawn

Best Tibet Movie
Raiders of the Lost Ark (video)

Best Irish Steerage Drowning Scenes

Mr. Magoo

Best Southern Lawyer Movie
tie: Volcano and Dante’s Peak

Niftiest Lesbian Overtones in a Film or Short Subject

Alien Resurrection

Best Post-Apocalyptic Kevin Costner Movie

Best Three Hours Spent Playing Videogames in Lobby
Jackie Brown

Best Ship Disaster Special Effects
Speed 2: Cruise Control

Best Bees
Ulee’s Gold

Best Director
Martin Scorcese, Boogie Nights

Film With Most Annoying Black Dude
Chris Tucker, The Fifth Element

Film With Most Annoying White Dude

Robert Guillame, Benson: The Motion Picture

Best Romance Picture Set at Sea


Best Picture, Drunk
Lost Highway

Best Picture Aboard A Doomed Vessel
Home Alone 3

Lifetime Achievement Award
Bob Hope (sayanora, Bob!)

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