B. O’Malley’s Oscar Picks 2007

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omalley_picks_the_oscars_2007Best Actor
Chuck D., The Second to The Last King of Scotland

Best Impersonation of The Queen of England
Peter O’Toole, Venus

Best Gun Movie

Best Drive-In Movie
An Inconvenient Truth

Best Sequel
United 93

Best Pharmacists
Anna Nicole Smith

Best Bad German Movie
The Good German

Best Picture Based on Fractions
Half Nelson

Best Why
Because I Said So

Best Fishy Beard
Kevin Smith, Catch and Release

Best Picture, PMS
Blood and Chocolate

Best Self-Reflective or Existential Conversation Scenes in Italian Restaurant
Rocky Balboa

Best Film Based on a Cleaning Product
tie: Eragon and Flushed Away

The Best Movie A Bunch of Dead Jocks Could Inspire
We Are Marshall

Don’t Know How They Did It, But They Made Motown Completely Gay Award

Best Zombie Movie
A Prairie Home Companion

Best Thinly-Veiled Rehash of Blackboard Jungle, Stand and Deliver, and Dangerous Minds
Happy Feet

Best Voicemail I’ve Ever Received
Snakes on a Plane

Best Drink Coaster
Lady In The Water DVD

Best Performance by a Performer Getting His or Her Balls Tortured
Daniel Craig, Casino Royale

Best Banana Boobies

Why Americans Still Hate The French Award
Parfum – Le Histoire d’un Meurtrier

Best Donkey Fucking
Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

Best Picture Featuring a Coppola Buried in Rubble
Marie Antoinette

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