B. O’Malley’s Oscar Picks 2011

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omalley_picks_the_oscars_2011Best Picture To Blame it On

Best Superhero Picture With “Green” In Title

Best Picture While Untangling Your Balls
The Adjustment Bureau

Most Gymnastic Witches
Jumping The Broom

Best Movie Without Her Sisters

Best Sex Tape
Midnight In Paris

Dick and Balls Award

Longest Movie
30 Minutes or Less

Most Profitable Trade
Water For Elephants

Ric Ocasek Award
Cars 2

Title Most Lacking the Word “Manilow” At The End
Martha Marcy May Marlene

Biggest Audience Consisting of Chicks Who Watched Game of Thrones
Conan The Barbarian

Least Dangerous Method
A Dangerous Method

Best Film About A Horse During Wartime
The Iron Lady

Best Picture Based on the Side of A Sheet of Paper
Margin Call

Best Buddy Movie
Human Centipede 2

Most Flammable
Straw Dogs

Tightest Feet In A Film or Performance

Best Picture That Almost Was
We Leased A Zoo For The Summer

Best Cocainiana

Least Authentic Picture Featuring Steel
Real Steel

2011 Worst Eyesight Award

Sexiest Film
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Spent A Week With Marilyn

2011 Pissing On The Bloated Corpse of the Film Industry Award
New Year’s Eve

Most Original Idea from Studio Head or Development Executive
The Smurfs

Best Introduction to 19th Century Literature
Sherlock Holmes 2 – A Game of Shadows

Best Rhyming Title
Judy Moody and Her Bummer Fuck of a Fright Night Remake

Best Western Featuring Aliens
Best Western Motor Hotel, Roswell NM

Best Film With Steven Spielberg Directing
Super 8

Most Comfortable Plane Ride
X-Men –  First Class

Best Film Featuring Cute Talking Puppets
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Picture With Most Impossible Mission
Larry Crowne

Dairy Association Award for Outstanding Milking of a Franchise
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family

Most Powerful Pieces From the Board Game Stratego
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Best Picture

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      Followed ye JC. If you read my tweets, make sure you bring stitches, because your side will need them due to all the laughing you will do, because I am such a funny person. Slightly funnier than me: adult diapers.

  2. Ok I screwed this all up. My iPhone is a shitty one. My twitter is @Harold_Chasen. My behind. Anyhoo send me your email I got an awesome photo from the protests yesterday you will absolutely love. Julie

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