Taffy Bennington – Pantyväst

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Taffy’s new green screen, plus Otto Bennington’s 4K Sony, plus approximately 3 hours. And some lights. And, of course, Omniversal Lounge Singer, Taffy Bennington. (@singwithtaffy)

Not very interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit: We originally shot footage for a big elaborate gorilla invasion sequence where an army of space gorillas attack the giant Taffy/Viking girl, and she swatted them off while a fighter-pilot Taffy in a jet plane launched sidewinder missiles at everything, but alas, they didn’t make the cut because: fuck it.

An extremely interesting not-very-interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit: This was my first Taffy video edited in Final Cut X. Yes, I’m half a decade late to the FCX ballgame. No need to be judgmental. Or Judge Reinhold. The previous Taffy videos were all cut on Final Cut 7. And cocaine. (Cocaine not included.)

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