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The lo-fi sci-fi Super 8 feature on DVD, including the feature film, director and makeup fx commentary, cast commentary, subtitles in 8 languages, and over 55 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes.

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Slangman, a traveling salesman of words and relics from the 21st century (like toiletpaper and Twinkies), teams up with a tongueless Scottish warrior and a blonde bimbo to cross the post-nuclear wastelands, battling savage mutants and the pathetic remnants of humanity in search of a legendary place called “The Source” … an oracle of ancient wisdom rumored to hold the power to enlighten the world… or destroy what’s left of it.

Perfect for a Bad Cinema Night with friends, Bleak Future is the ultimate low-brow, no-budget, off-beat, Super 8 B-movie science fiction satire, in the cheeseball spirit of A Polish Vampire In Burbank.

So what’s on the DVD?

Bleak Future Special Features
Director, Producer, and Special Makeup FX Creator Commentary

Featuring Director B. O’Malley, Co-Producer Marc Campos, and Special Makeup Effects Creator Travis Rindahl.
Executioner Mutant
Cast Commentary
Featuring Slangman (Frank Kowal), Atlatl (Brad Rockhold), Femme (Wendie Newcomb), and Brother Alfonze (Steven A. Kowal) (If you said "Who the f*ck is that?" to any of those people, you’re not alone.)
Slangman and sand

Newly Restored and Color-Corrected Picture
The Super 8 grain is now officially more colorful and bright.

Malathion Man
Blooper Reel and Outtakes
Watch what filming in the desert in 110-130 degree heat will do to the human mind. Good thing we didn’t bring chimps out there.
Bleak Future DVD Bloopers, Etc. Deleted Scenes and Shots
Including the alternative Femme scene, the Dr. Marbury V. Madison scene, and more!
Bleak Future DVD Subtitles Screen Subtitles
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and yes, PIG LATIN! (Seriously!)
All-New Soundtrack Cues
Specially-written cues for the DVD release! If you haven’t shit your pants by now, go ahead and do it.
Bleak Future DVD Archive and Technical Specs Comprehensive Technical and Production Details
Want to know what cameras we used? What kind of film? How long it took to shoot each scene? Where each scene was shot? Horror stories from behind the scenes? The DVD holds the answers! And your mom holds herpes.
k Future DVD Scrapbook
Scrapbook and Production Sketches
Including early costume sketches of all the main characters, set design sketches, and more. And by "more," I mean "that’s pretty much it."
Horusa Meltdown
Cast and Crew Biographies
Want to know more about the cast and crew? 16 of the main cast and crew are detailed in the Bleak Future Bio section. Where are they now? What have they been up to? Why were they arrested in 2000 for shooting guns nude in public?
Bleak Future Dr. Obvious
Easter Eggs
It’s up to you to find them. Femme’s Drinking Game, Travis Rindahl making noise with a pumpkin and an axe, and more.
Bleak desert

Interactive Map of the World of Bleak Future
Your mind will be blown by this map! (Not really)

Slangman, Atlatl, and Femme

The Bleak Future Trailer
In case you forget how to get to YouTube.

Bleak Future DVD Scene Source

Animated Scene Selection Menus
Wow. Just, wow. Animated? Seriously? You mean, they move?

Brother Alfonze

The Bleak Future Soundtrack in MP3 Format (DVD ROM)
Put this on your iPod and play at parties and watch people call you a goober.

Bicycle Mutant

The Bleak Future Shooting Script (DVD ROM)
Because who doesn’t want to see a blueprint on how to make a bad movie?

Femme Wallpaper

Bleak Future Wallpapers (DVD ROM)
Because wallpapers are one of those super-cheesy features you kinda have to do to fill space on a DVD-ROM. That’s why they’re listed last.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions .5 x 5.25 x 7.5 in

1 review for Bleak Future DVD

  1. 5 out of 5

    I just have to give BLEAK FUTURE a 5 STAR RATING. Why? Because it was as AMBITIOUS an EFFORT as I’ve ever seen before and?
    It was shot on Super8 film.
    All you can do is MARVEL at what Brian O’Malley was able to pull off with friends and a Super8 camera — all the while saying to yourself, “I WANT TO DO THAT.”
    Totally worth the money as both INSPIRATION and ENTERTAINMENT.

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