The Blackshanks – Knock It Down

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The video for The Blackshanks – Knock It Down.

when the sheep looked away
all the wolves they came to stay for a few
now every time you turn around
they put someone in the ground
but that someone in the ground it ain’t you
but when everybody buys
when the liars tell a lie
you’re complicit if you can’t tell the truth
so I’m here to tell you straight
you can always be a slave
but I’ll tell you what you really oughtta do
knock it down
you are corporation-owned
but they gave you a new phone
so it’s happenin
you keep on feeding real good
and you’d diet if you could
but it’s so fattenin’
you gotta finance that new car
and then make your kid a star
and when he grows up he’ll be just like you
just another parasite
on a world losing light
and now the third world is coming for you
they got armies, you got malls
they got lies to set you free
I’ll keep banging on the walls
they’ll take away my life but they won’t take me

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