What Roberto Begnini Actually Said At the Oscars 2000

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archive_robertoFrom Roberto’s Best Actress Presentation Speech 2000:

I have run around and a dog! Look at me bark! Look at me happy as a yellow wicked film clam to hop on kneecaps and make love to the Jupiters even more than your Cinema Santa! I am yet to become another egg salad sandwich, but you are I am without gleeful anomalies! Let us in Italy have a saying: To joy is having onions, without or without the cinema. And to that means we are Braniac on a river of life, floating on film can, swimming in liquid water of proud film. And without actress smiling her egg salad, what then? Film on the river of life is no joyful onion! And of courses, the joyful pepper getsa lonely withoutta the onion. With the further residue, shall I read on you the actressings for the nominations and blessings of the Ultimate Egg Salad Onion. The Annette Bening for the American Beauty… (clip) Janet McSomething for her film (clip)… Julianna Moore on the Affair I Remember (clip)… Meryl Streep for her clandestine wafers (clip)… and The Hilarity Swank for the Boys — They Don’ta Cry. … And the winner is to be is: The Hilarity Swank for the Boys — They Don’t Cry!

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