Working on a NEW werewolf script…

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20130303-173723But you don’t get any details until it’s done. The guy who first called me in to work for Roger Corman back in 1997, John Baumgartner (left), will be directing this puppy. Everything I learned from the failure of my werewolf picture, Audie & The Wolf, is helping make this new script KABOOM with goodness. Lessons from Audie:  Don’t fuck with the werewolf lore (nor zombie lore), show the fucking transformation, and make your body count mean something by investing a lot in your characters.  We’re still on the outline at this point, but we’ve spent about 1 week solid on it.  Which is more than I spent on the entire script for Audie.  Also, the look on my face is because I’m being socked in the balls by a midget.

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